We have been using your PCIe 4 port serial cards for many years now. Never had any issues, highly recommended.


I have just received the BB-400 and started it up just 30 minutes ago... and - what should I say...


It is exactly what Support told me on the phone! I will continue with the real tests and implementation of our software - but the DIO is working exactly as I need it - PERFECT!

SystemBuilder Gmbh

I appreciate the quick and great customer service you have provided. There are not a lot of companies it seems these days that customer service is a top priority! I give you an A+! Thank you again!

Doris Edler

We selected the Brainboxes unit for a combination of three reasons:

  1. It needed to be able to be powered from an inverter which gives a stable 12VDC and sometimes switches to run off the battery.
  2. Space saving design
  3. Price

A perfect fit, up and running in a matter of hours.

Jon Martin, Intelligent Video Ltd